• david s says:

    praying for all involved this morning, and for Colorado city survivors

  • Joy Copeland. Glendale campus says:

    Just started watching the videos. Was excited to see all the places you’ve been and the Colorado complex.
    Reading the prayer guide and praying for the both of you for health, safety, plenty of water and sun screen.
    We’re all excited to see your finish and all the great things God has shown you immature He created and the
    Spiritual as well. We are having great services in Worship and the word. Oh, don’t forget your feet in my prayer above,
    An important part of Gods at our. Love seeing all the animals. Take care, have fun, with Gods gift to Father and Daughter
    that you will treasure forever. I love and appreciate your whole family for your love and dedication to God in giving
    all your sheep the way the truth and the LIFE. God Bless the test of your trip.

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