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The Colorado City Dream Center

The Dream Center serves culturally secluded communities with a generational history of human trafficking and exploitation under the guise of religion. This includes individuals with origins to plural family groups throughout the state of Arizona and Utah. Many victims are women and single Mothers (with multiple children) who have left, escaped or were kicked out of the various fundamentalist Mormon off-shoot groups (FLDS, Kingston Group, AUB). The funds raise aid effort in restoring the community, providing numerous recovery programs, and various crucial educational opportunities.

The Colorado City Dream Center is the former residence and headquarters for the infamous polygamist sex cult leader Warren Jeffs.  It was at this location and behind these foreboding walls that Jeffs ruthlessly ruled over the isolated community with methodic fear and kept his many “wives” in bound servitude.

Many recall the international attention and news stories coming out of this community.  Culminating in the 2011 conviction and life prison sentence of Warren Jeffs for his crimes.  Which included the documented trafficking and recorded molestation of countless underage girls, some as young as 12 years old.  Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Dr. Phil to Inside Edition offered us daily dose reporting back then.

Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to be the real hope and true healing to this community.    The news trucks have long since left and the celebrity reporters have moved on to the next salacious story.  While this community has been left with little to no reference points nor resources to recover from years of generational abuse and inexplicable exploitation.

If you have a desire to make a real and meaningful difference, then this is an opportunity that will fulfill that desire exponentially.  We hope you strongly consider joining us in this once in a lifetime effort.  Together, we will be the ones to fill the needs and heal the wounds of the precious people in this community.

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Pastor Luke & Angel Barnett

Senior Pastors, Dream City Church

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